Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

Goodreads Synopsis:

"Hi, I'm the guy who reads your e-mail, and also, I love you..."

Beth Fremontand Jennifer Scribner-Snyder know that somebody is monitoring their work email. (Everyone in the newsroom knows. It's company policy.) But they can't quite bring themselves to take it seriously. They go on sending each other endless and endlessly hilarious e-mails, discussing every aspect of their personal lives.

Meanwhile, Lincoln O'Neill can't beleive this is his job now - reading other people's e-mail. When he applied to be "internet security officer," he pictured himself building firewalls and crushing hackers - not writing-up a report every time a sports  reporter forwards a dirty joke. 

When Lincoln comes across Beth's and Jennifer's messages, he knows he should turn them in. But he can't help being entertained (and captivated) by their stories. By the time Lincoln realizes he's falling for Beth, it's way too late to introduce himself. What would he say....?


So, I've been reading a lot of YA dystospian and thrillers lately, I wanted a change of atmosphere. This book was a good break from all those wars and murders. It's a very funny and light read. And, what can I say, it is such a relief knowing that nobody in our office snoops around our emails.

This is a story about love before first sight. It's actually quite romantic knowing that somebody might love someone without even seeing how they look, and quoting Beth "men fall in love with their eyes." It's really true, what she said, so this is definitely a very unique story.

It all starts when Lincoln is hired as a "Systems Security" guy for an office. At first, he does not realize what his job will be, all the while thinking he'd be building firewalls and stuff. Little did he know that he was supposed to snoop around and catch those using their work emails for personal stuff, such as gossiping.

Now, Beth and Jennifer knows that somebody is snooping around but they don't care who reads what on their exchanges. Lincoln was supposed to give them warnings but he never did until it's too late and he's fallen in love with Beth.

It's a romantic comedy with a little bit heartache moments and a whole lot of laugh. I'm really excited to read more oF Rainbow Rowell's books.



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